SEND and Dyslexia at Wheldrake

The South York Schools’ Partnership has a shared vision to work in partnership to ensure the best possible outcomes for all of our children. With this in mind Naburn CE Primary School, Elvington CE Primary School, St George’s RC Primary School, Danesgate Community, Fulford Secondary School, Fishergate Primary School, Dunnington CE Primary School, Wheldrake with Thorganby CE Primary School, Lord Deramore’s Primary School and St Oswald’s CE Primary School have a shared approach to supporting children with dyslexic tendencies within school.

All teaching is inclusive and supports children who may have dyslexic difficulties, however, if despite receiving high quality inclusive teaching your child does not thrive, the school may consider assessing them to identify specific learning difficulties. Children do not need to have had a dyslexic assessment to use resources and strategies within the class to support their learning; children are encouraged to do so if they feel it helps them.

If your child’s class teacher feels concerned about the rate of progress, or difficulties your child is having in the classroom, you will be invited to have a chat about how they are coping at home with homework etc. There are a number of factors to consider, many of which are listed in the Parent Champion booklet available in school, or accessible here:

If after this discussion if it is highly likely that your child has dyslexic tendencies, then the school may decide, with your agreement, to assess your child. The assessment will give everyone, school and parents, a detailed report of their strengths and weaknesses. Also if your child is in Year 6 and it is appropriate, this assessment may be able to give the teacher evidence that they need extra time when completing their end of year SATs.